AB Catalyst

Enhanced Combustion

The catalyst improves fuel efficiency by optimizing combustion conditions and improving boiler heat transfer. The result is a fuel efficiency improvement of up to 10%, all with minimal capital outlay. Reduced coal consumption by only 2% more than covers the cost of the catalyst.
Improved combustion means more calories are extracted from the coal, allowing for the use of a lower-grade coal without sacrificing performance.

Ash Without Catalyst


With Catalyst

Boiler Before Catalyst

Reliability and Efficiency

Minimize shutdowns and maintenance costs, and extend the life of your equipment. The catalyst significantly reduces slagging and fouling formation, and reduces the potential for corrosion in the boiler. 
The catalyst is also extremely efficient. Only 200g of catalyst is required per 1 ton of coal and the catalyst is fed directly into the combustion zone to maximize coverage.
Boiler After Catalyst

Cleaner Combustion

The non-toxic, non-magnetic and completely eco-friendly catalyst is a first step toward ultra-low emissions. By using the catalyst, the formation of SOx, NOx, CO , particulate matter and mercury is greatly reduced.
By reducing emissions formation, the catalyst reduces requirements for existing pollution removal systems.


The catalyst works with more than just coal. Wood chips, straw, bagasse and many other fuel sources can benefit from the catalyst. 
The catalyst works with all types of boilers and in a wide-range of industries, including cement plants, coking plants, steel plants and ceramic plants.