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Near-zero Emissions

Industry Leading Pollution Removal

The Airborne System uses patented sodium scrubbing technology combined with post-scrubbing oxidants to remove nearly all traces of pollutants from flue gas prior to their release in the atmosphere.


Airborne's sodium scrubbing and regeneration technology is able to regenerate the sodium bicarbonate in a closed loop, which makes a proven pollution removal technology financially attractive. Our technology meets or exceeds 100% of current and pending emissions standards, while concurrently benefiting your bottom line.

Traditional pollution abatement systems require multiple processes to remove multiple pollutants, which incurs high capital costs and operating costs. Airborne's technologies have significantly lower capital and operating costs across all markets.

Our technologies are also very flexible. We can install a new sodium scrubbing system for your facility or retrofit an existing limestone system.

Retrofitting limestone scrubber with Airborne's sodium scubber

Retrofitting limestone scrubber with Airborne's sodium scrubber

CO  Removal Process


The Airborne System uses changes in temperature and pressure in the flue gas to capture 90% of the carbon dioxide produced.


Sodium carbonate absorbs both carbon dioxide and moisture to form a sodium bicarbonate sorbent which is continuously recycled.


If desired, the carbon dioxide emissions are cleaned and used for other industrial purposes.

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