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Premium Fertilizers 

Airborne’s patented granulation process produces a premium fertilizer granule preferred in the international market with blending equipment and modern fertilizer application techniques.


The Airborne Advantage


Through extensive research with governmental organizations, the Airborne System developed a method to cleanse the sodium sulfate and sodium nitrate of essentially all impurities prior to the fertilizer production process. This results in a fertilizer product with superior purity.


The Airborne System enables low-cost fertilizer production by creating a circular economy between its customers' facilities and the sodium regeneration facility. The Airborne System recycles sorbents for reuse in the pollution removal process, which minimizes production costs. In essence, the Airborne System turns pollution into value. 


Versatile Product Range

Airborne’s versatile combined sodium regeneration and fertilizer production process can produce a range of fertilizers depending on your specific needs, including:


  • Ammonium sulfate

  • Ammonium nitrate

  • Potassium sulfate 

  • Potassium nitrate

  • Urea coated products

  • Ammonium chloride 

Ammonium sulfate

Ammonium sulfate

The Airborne System produces a superior granular fertilizer product that is highly valued by end users due to its compatibility with a wide range of fertilizer spreaders. Airborne is able to produce round, hard, dust-free granules of consistent size that can be customized and changed through input and binding materials to suit specific fertilizer markets. All of Airborne’s fertilizer granules meet or exceed fertilizer industry standards for physical properties of dry fertilizers.

Potassium sulfate

Potassium sulfate

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