Sodium Scrubbing & Regeneration


Near-Zero Emissions

Our patented sodium scrubbing and regeneration technology removes industry leading amounts of pollutants from coal combustion. We can implement a brand-new system for your facility or easily replace existing limestone systems with cost-effective sodium that is reused in a closed loop.

Revenue Generating Fertilizers

One of the key features making the Airborne System highly competitive and profitable is the ability to generate premium agricultural fertilizers at a low cost for our clients.

High-performance Mist Elimination

The Airborne System controls flue gas pollution and eliminates white plumes through our high-performance de-mister. The Airborne advantage is that we use solution chemistry to capture the pollutants, a superior method to coarse traditional de-misters.

The Regeneration Hub: Airborne for Multiple Facilities

The Airborne System has a perfect option for smaller facilities - the Regeneration Hub. Connect multiple facilities, such as a steel plant and ceramic plant to a centralized sodium scrubbing and regeneration hub and enjoy all the benefits of the Airborne System.