High-performance Mist Elimination

High-performance Mist Elimination

The Airborne System controls flue gas pollution and eliminates white plumes by using a high-performance de-mister with water soluble chemicals in a solution scrubbing system. Since our de-mister is solution-based rather than slurry-based, there is no blocking, scaling or plugging in the de-mister.

Airborne High-performance De-mister

Existing flue gas pollutant removal equipment does not eliminate the white plumes. Traditional de-misters have a low pollutant removal, which allows vapors of SOx, NOx, VOCs and other pollutants to escape. This means that insoluble gypsum, known as calcium rain actually escapes the scrubber.

Traditional De-mister

The Airborne Advantage

High moisture capture of 99.9% above 1 micron

High pollution removal rate of SO  , SO  , NO, NO  , VOCs, particulate matter, mercury and other pollutants



Mist does not escape