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Clean Energy. 

For Life.

What We Do

Airborne Clean Energy is proud to offer the Airborne System, a suite of clean coal technologies. The Airborne System empowers facilities to provide environmentally responsible, cost-effective and reliable energy. Our technologies deliver an economically viable solution to meeting or exceeding emissions standards. We have created a circular economy that removes pollution, recycles sodium for continuous scrubbing, and produces agricultural fertilizers. We are committed to ensuring there is clean energy for life's growing needs.

The Airborne System achieves near-zero emissions from coal-fired energy by removing industry leading amounts of SOx, NOx, CO  , mercury (Hg), particulate matter (Pm) and dioxins.


Improve Your Bottom-line

Our proprietary pollution removal system creates a circular economy that drives revenue, reduces fuel consumption and reduces operating costs. Pollutants are converted into agricultural fertilizers and sorbents are recycled in the scrubbing process for continuous reuse.

Facility Optimization

Our flexible and customizable technologies increase the lifespan of equipment and facilities in all coal-burning industries. We take pride in optimizing systems with long-lasting design to provide reliable energy for customers.

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The  catalyst improves the combustion process in the boiler. The result is reduced fuel and operating costs, improved boiler reliability and reduced emissions formation.  


The sodium scrubbing and regeneration technology achieves near-zero emissions from coal-fired energy while simultaneously creating agricultural-grade fertilizers for revenue generation.

We have options for your specific needs. Use any combination of our technologies to reduce emissions and improve your bottom line.
Emissions Reductions Achieved With The Airborne System 

99% SOx


2 mg/Nm Emissions Out

99% PM


4 mg/Nm Emissions Out

98% NOx


10 mg/Nm Emissions Out

98% Hg


0.0005  mg/Nm Emissions Out

90%  CO 


CO  Control







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